Music and Meaning

MUSIC AND MEANING - A DuVersity event
Sarasota, Florida, March 17-19 2017
Presented by Anthony Blake, assisted by Darlene Franz    


For the most part, music is used as a means of distraction, based on habitual enjoyment; rarely considered in its own right. But, from ancient times, it has been regarded with reverence and awe as a transmission of higher intelligence and a powerful force in human consciousness.
This seminar takes as its point of departure the idea that music stands with language and mathematics as a form of mediated access to reality, seated in our embodied existence. Participants will be invited to listen to music in new ways and to feel and think in different frames of mind.

Music is a hidden arithmetical exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is counting. Gottlieb Leibniz

Hear live and recorded music from all over the world, ancient and modern
Experience how music, like language and mathematics, mediates our reality
Learn to hear music in new ways that encourages new ways of thinking and feeling
Hear how music interacts with poetry
Learn how music plays a significant role in changing culture
Experience how music includes all possible sounds
Experience microsound and multiple time/pitch scales
Learn musical principles based on visionary and esoteric thinkers such as:

Edward Matchett’s ‘neural education’ using ‘media signals’;
Ernest McClain and Richard Heath’s harmonic theories how ancients created scriptures and myths;
William Pensinger’s ultimate language called MUSCULPT;
Karl Heinz Stockhausen’s cosmic or intuitive music;
Pierre Schaeffer’s musique concrete derived from his studies with Gurdjieff


Hosted by the American Institute for Integral Studies, 7122 Mandarin Rd., Sarasota FL.
Starting Friday evening 7:00 PM, Sat. 10 – 12, 2 – 4;30, 7:30 – 9:00, Sun. 10 – 12
Lunch provided on site Saturday
Lodging available at local hotels -lists will be provided with transportation assistance from selected hotels so it will not be necessary for everyone to rent a car.

The Sarasota International Airport is the nearest airport but Tampa airport is only 70 miles away
Cost for the weekend    $350.00
Registration and information for lodging available: contact  615 684 2711; Or