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Memorial panel by Laurence Whistler in Salisbury Cathedral
based on poems by T. S. Eliot from The Four Quartets In Little Gidding he quotes Julian of Norwich
“And all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”

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The DuVersity was founded in 1998 to embrace diversity as a source of new insights. It was mainly inspired by the work of John Bennett, particularly his magnum opus The Dramatic Universe, from which the name of the organisation was derived.

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The Fourth Way

A Hazardous Path

A New Book By Anthony Blake

Now available on Amazon for download.

This short book is a personal story of experiences of the Fourth Way, first of all under the guidance of John Bennett, a leading exponent of Gurdjieff’s ideas and methods, and then, after his death, in various explorations. It sketches many of the people involved and emphasises the hazardous, uncertain nature of the way. With many illustrations, it reflects on methods and practices but also depicts the significance of encounters between people. In a highly condensed form it surveys the fourth way as an evolving path of search embracing the necessary diversity needed for understanding in art, science and spirituality.

Our Approach Includes

25 Years of the DuVersity 1998 – 2023

A new article by Anthony Blake explores the history of the first 25 years to the DuVersity
Read it here or download a PDF

Exploring Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances through the Lens of Performance

A threefold Enqury with Deborah Longo, movements teacher, Elan Sicroff, pianist, and Anthony Blake, writer

May 16-19 Claymont Court, West Virginia

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Readings from Gurdjieff 

By Anthony Blake

Fourth Way Theatrics, Claymont Court

A short video introduction to a recent workshop.

Link to Anthony’s old personal web site