Systematics Topics

Papers Related to Work Ideas, Especially Ideas of J.G. Bennett

Martin Zwick
Professor of Systems Science
Portland State University

Following is a list of my papers in systems theory and philosophy that have some connections to Work ideas.
These papers are also accessible at my web site,

Papers Having Connections to These Ideas

Ideas and Graphs (2018)
An exposition of the relation of graph theory to Bennett’s systematics, primarily his tetrad.

Mind and Life: Is the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature False? (2016)
A discussion of ‘mind’ that utilizes Bennett’s scheme of automatic/sensitive/conscious energies.

Freedom as a Natural Phenomenon (201S)
A characterization of ‘freedom’ using Bennett’s 3-2-1 triad and these three energies.

Levels of Altruism (2014)
Types of altruism schematized using the octave.
https:/ altruism BiolTheory web. pdf

Complexity Theory and Political Change: Talcott Parsons Occupies Wall Street (2014)
Similarity of Parsons’ “action” to Bennett’s tetrad; some political implications.

Personal Knowledge and the Inner Sciences (2010)
Conceptualizing inner work as science.

Holism and Human History (2009)
Modeling human history using ideas from the octave and enneagram.
https:/ ism-and-human-history/

Systems Metaphysics: A Bridge from Science to Religion (2007)
Conceptions of ‘sacred isomorphisms’ and ‘inner science.’

Incompleteness, Negation, Hazard: On the Precariousness of Systems (1984)
A systems-theoretic exploration of Bennett’s ideas on hazard.

Some Analogies of Hierarchical Order in Biology and linguistics (1978)
Structural parallelisms illustrating aspects of the octave.

Additional Papers Having Indirect Connections

Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption and Systems Theory (2018)
An exposition of Rosenzweig’s hexad (different from Bennett ‘s hexad).

Symbolic Structures as Systems: On the Near Isomorphism of Two Religious Symbols (2010)
A systems theoretic examination of the similarity of two religious symbols.

The Diagram of the Supreme Pole and the Kabbalistic Tree (2009)
(An earlier and abbreviated version of the above paper.)

A Conversation on Theodicy (2008)
A dialog developing the view that imperfection is a lawful consequence of hazard and that perfecting is our human responsibility.

A Book Review of Systems: New Paradigms for the Human Sciences (2001)
A discussion of some dyads of opposing values.

Understanding Imperfection (2000)
Further thoughts on Bennett’s ideas on hazard.
https:l/www.pdx.edll/sites/www.pdx.edll.sysc/files/sysc ISSS plenary. pdf

Towards an Ontology of Problems (1995)
Ontological implications of the lawfulness of imperfection.

Dialectics and Catastrophe (1978)
Relevance of dialectics, as interpreted via catastrophe theory, to some of Bennett’s systems.