39 Series Videos and MP3s

During the first session of the 2017 Goa event Melanie Monsour “spontaneously” started playing what she identified as a variation on the Buddha Hall Anthem. Thanks to Avram’s quick thinking this extraordinary piece was recorded. Click here to listen.

The following links provide a sampling of Gurdjieff’s Movements from around the Internet as of March 2016.

Konya Movements Performance (2013) by the Movements Foundation (Wim von Dullemen)

Movements from the film “Meetings with Remarkable Men”

Number 11 – Lord Have Mercy

Ho Yah – Dervishes with Hatchets Performance on 8 July 2012 in Gwangju/South Korea by Seekers of Truth.

Performance on 25 April 2010 in Gwangju/South Korea by Seekers of Truth.
Margit Martinu on the Gurdjieff Movements (Miller’s River Educational Cooperative, Camp Caravan, central MA, USA