All of Everything
Guest Presenters

TONY BLAKE – Coordinator. Tony’s chief inspiration has been John Bennett who in turn was inspired by Gurdjieff. Tony collaborated with Bennett on the development of Systematics and has written a book on Gurdjieff’s enneagram. A student of physics under David Bohm, he has recently become a proponent of the dia-logue process advocated by Bohm. He will focus on the ‘rapidness’ approach to systematics and talk about ‘systems beyond counting’.

JOHN ALLEN – the visionary responsible for theĀ Biosphere II project, a student of the diversity of world cultures, poet, dramatist, and historian. Founder of the Theater of All Possibilities and Institute of Ecotechnics, he is currently investigating cyberspace as an ecological and cultural phenomenon. John learned systematics from Bennett in 1970. He will focus on world cultures.

Dr. EDITH WALLACE MD, PhD – is a practicing Jungian analyst and prizewinning painter who will contribute her skills as an artist and the depth of her insights to this process. She studied with Dr. and Mrs. Jung in Switzerland, and J.B. Bennett at Sherborne, England. Dr. Wallace has taught at the C.G. Jung Training Center and at the C.G. Jung Foundation. She will focus on individuation and the future of psychology.

PHYLISS MOLINE LAURSEN – has been working as a clairvoyant-healer-symbologist for 24 years. She specializes in ‘interspecies communication’. She was one of the first people to bring communication of this sort to America. During the past 5 years, she has discovered the difference between fact and feeling. She has brought this consciousness into a physical form. Phyliss will focus on harmony through conflict.

WILLIAM PENSINGER – one time intelligence officer in Viet Nam and Japanese landscape gardener whose novel THE MOON OF HOA BINH contains some of the most serious reflections on art, science, history and sex written in recent years. He has grasped the concept of Bennett’s third kind of time ‘hyparxis’, and he will focus on ‘identity-transparency’.

We will also be joined by ROBERT FRIPP, founder of the original King Crimson group, one of the leading progressive groups of the last 30 years. He is the creator of ‘frippertronics’, and is an enemy of the music industry. Robert initiated Guitar-Craft, an educational experiment involving thousands of people all over the world and we hope will contribute his evocative soundscapes to this seminar. He attended Bennetts’ International Academy in 1975.