Crossings 4

Saturday Jan 17 – Sunday Jan 18
The Shilo Inn
3105 O.B. Riley Road
Bend, OregonĀ 

Anthony has been exploring the boundaries of the ‘fourth way’ and ‘spiritual methods’ in general, both individually and with others in the USA and Europe. He is constantly updating methods and finding new and awkward questions to ask, often without finding any stable answers. He is convinced that new things are afoot that will shatter all our previous conceptions of God, the world and ourselves.

In these seminars, he offers a medium of intensive work in several facets of being human. This will include most of what John Bennett introduced in his ten month courses at Sherborne – a pioneering experiment in working on the human totality – as well as newly emergent methods appearing since.

The program will begin and end with open dialogue: following the guidelines of David Bohm, but including the experience of the School of Ignorance and Stephen Mitchell’s practice of adoration. We will learn about sharing with each other the human secret that is “I”.

Content may include: systematics, inner exercises, Gurdjieff movements, dialogue and N-logue, music, attention on work, zikr, worship, imagination, language, inquiry, mutual teaching and operating in the present moment. If possible, participants should read John Bennett’s ‘Sevenfold Work’ beforehand.

Please: come with questions and don’t be afraid to raise them. We can help each other.

The seminars are called ‘crossings’ because people’s paths will cross uniquely in these events (as in others) and also many different influences will come to bear from various sources and times. The Crossings series will run in various locations at least until next Spring and the major Baltimore event On Time, (March 19-22, 1998).

Crossings is a meeting of enquiring souls and offers no convenient set of answers.