Documents on Systematics

Here are links to articles about or exemplifying systematics.
Bennett and Blake on the Basics of Systematics
Bohm on Dyads in Physics
Bennett on Experience of Laws

Writings on Systematics

Starting in 1966, with Systematics: a new technique of thinking (co-authored with John Bennett) Anthony Blake has been producing documents relating to the theory and method of systematics. This series is intended as a prelude to a compilation to be entitled The Book of the World that covers the origins of systematics, its relation to ancient and modern systems of thought, the associated method of logovisual technology and the wider picture of emergent understanding of complexity and what Bohm calls ‘active information’. The documents should also be taken in association with The Intelligent Enneagram.

Blake’s main thesis is that the systematics developed by J. G. Bennett represents a small fraction of the totality of forms of thought that we can become conscious of. For the most part, ‘forms of thought’ operate unconsciously and any realisation of even a small part of them has great significance. In some ways, the ‘systems’ put forward by Bennett are similar in character to the archetypes suggested by Carl Jung. We should remember however that Jung clearly stated that we cannot know the archetypes per se but only images of them as they arise in us. There is also an association to be made with the tissue paper collage method developed by Dr Edith Wallace in which seemingly inchoate images reveal emergent insights taking place in us.