The Intelligent Enneagram: Insight in Action

The Intelligent Enneagram: 
Insight in Action
A workshop with Anthony Blake, author of the Intelligent Enneagram

Anthony G. E. Blake, author of The Intelligent Enneagram, is a leading proponent of the enneagram as process. He conveys the accumulated insights of people working in such diverse fields as science, theatre, music, business, social change and biospherics (global ecology) and invites people to participate in the ongoing exploration. The enneagram enables us to understand what we know and to act more intelligently.

Anthony will explain the interweaving of three processes to be found in all achievements. The first concerns the organisation of the outer world; the second, the ‘inner life activity’ or soul; and the third, the informing spirit, or will. These three are woven together in the enneagram to create a lasting meaning.
Participants are encouraged to write their own ‘story’ and find what these three are in their lives. Exercises are given to highlight the different natures of the three, including aspects of the ‘movements’ deriving from Gurdjieff, who was the first to speak of the enneagram.

During the course of the workshop, participants will choose topics to investigate together and share insights about, subject to the interests of the group. These topics might include personal transformation, story telling, running an enterprise, group process, social change, and parenting.

Mutual feedback and dialogue will be encouraged, while Anthony will offer to answer any questions and provide tutorial guidance. Understanding the enneagram requires a synergy between people with different backgrounds and points of view.
A more comprehensive Briefing Document will be sent to applicants, so that we may all be best prepared and ‘tuned’ for the event. This will include a comprehensive timetable and guidance on ‘writing my story.’ It will also ask about areas of particular interest.

This workshop is part of a series Anthony Blake is presenting in different locations within the US, such as Seattle, WA, Phoenix, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, New York City, NY, Boston, MA, and Nashville, TN. His book,

The Intelligent Enneagram, is now available through Shambala and local bookstores. It will aslo be available for sale at the workshops.