John Allen

John Allen, co-founder of the “Biosphere 2” project, is currently the Chairman of Global Ecotechnics Corporation. He has led expeditions studying the ecology of early civilizations and is also co-founder and Chairman of Planetary Coral Reef Foundation. A scientist, poet, playwright, John has chronicled a personal and social history of the places he has been.

John’s especial genius has been to foster the new science of biospherics in relation to both technology and cultures. He and his colleagues were the first western scientists to enter the ‘forbidden’ science cities of Siberia and unite the up until then separate lines of research into biospherics of Russia (stemming from Vernadsky) and Western ecological science.

John met with John Bennett first in 1970 and adopted his method of systematics as he describes in his book Succeed. He has been a presenter at the DuVersity seminar-dialogues and conducts yearly dialogues with Anthony Blake at the October Gallery in London.