A one-day seminar on integrating mind 
into the whole system of mind, body, and spirit.

Mind Healing

A DuVersity Programme led by Anthony Blake
July 3, 1999

Joshua Baer & Company,
116 1/2 East Palace Avenue Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Seminar will begin at 2 pm and will finish at 7 pm on Saturday, July 3rd, 1999

Registration and Information:
Karen Stefano, Registrar
DuVersity Seminars
8 Homewood Hills
Charles Town, WV 25414
(301) 230-4960
Anna Huserick 505-984-0789

The Seminar uses language, images, movements and ideas so that participants create a shared universe of meaning. In this temporary universe, they can move and exchange information on a subtle level. Using ‘maps’ derived from Gurdjieff, John Bennett and David Bohm, we may access the ‘whole system’. This spontaneously begins to ‘heal the mind’, that is render it more whole, participating not only in body and spirit but also in the creative information field generated between people. We will be interested in how the sense of ‘I’ alters under these conditions.

The methods used should not interfere or clash with other practices generally available. The process of the seminar involves intensive conversation, consciousness of mental/physical energies, movements derived form Gurdjieff’s dances, and non-linguistic expression.

Anthony Blake, Director of Studies of the DuVersity, worked with John Bennett for sixteen years and has taken further his explorations of the deep structures out of which experience evolves. His approach is informal, but disciplined to minimize any ideological imposition on participants. He will be assisted by Karen Stefano, a qualified psychotherapist and artist.