A Seminar on Time

“Time is the unique subjective”
–G.I. Gurdjieff

DATES: Thursday to Sunday,
March 19 – 22, 1998 
TIMES: Sessions start at 9:00 AM, and end at 10:00 PM.
A timetable for the four days is available on request from the registrar. 
COST: $395.00 for four days,
or $125 per day.
Buffet lunch provided 1-2 PM. 
PLACE: Baltimore Holistic Health Center
6401 Dogwood Road
Baltimore, MD 21207 

Come join us for a participatory and experiential seminar On Time. The intention is to create a fusion of psychological, artistic, theological, scientific, historical and literary aspects of time in a new and emergent vision. Come explore the enfolded structure of time and its unfoldment in human identity, organization, creativity and epochs. 
We live in a time-conscious era, aware of accelerating change that marks increasing uncertainty. John Bennett prophesied that our time-perception would change as we pass into the twenty-first century. The last frontier is not so much outer space but inner time.

Can we experience and even pass through ‘time-gates’ in the present moment? What is prophecy and what is eternity now at the end of the twentieth century? Can we actually move out of our place in time and access other times, and other kinds of time? John Bennett spoke of three kinds of time, but it is possible that there are several different kinds of time, or even that each one of us represents a unique time-vector.

Time is gone and time is the instant that is now. Time has yet to come. Time may be the substance of our will or the nothingness that gnaws at the fabric of existence. There is time in physiology and physics, in religion and history, in psychology and art. How time manifests in each epoch may be totally different from before. To make a new approach to what time means requires a revolution in thought, in how we understand everything. Experiences of love and trance and dance reveal time in new guises but we have to see differently.

That is why we offer this seminar: to come together to see differently. We invite you to join in this mysterious excursion into the wonder of our existence. The program will include open dialogue between all participants, self-organizing small groups, alternative inputs. There will be special sessions devoted to Rave and Trance. Participants will receive: a view of the seminar and a briefing document before it takes place setting out its promise, questions and resources; scheduling and logistics. 


Anthony Blake – Co-ordinator
Anthony’s chief inspiration has been John Bennett, a pupil of Gurdkieff. He collaborated with Benett on the development of Systematics – a method of understanding. A one time student of physics under David Bohm, he has recently become a proponent of Bohm’s approache to dialogue. He has written books on TIme, Gurdjieff’s Enneagram and the implications of the dialogue process.
–He will focus on the need for a new thinking-in-time-on-time.


Edith Wallace, MD, PhD
Dr. Wallace is a practicing Jungian analyst and prize-winning painter. She studied with Dr. and Mrs, Jung in Switzerland and John Bennett at Sherborne, England and has taught at the C.G. Jung Training Center and the C.G. Jung Foundation.
–Dr. Wallace will immerse us all in her special form of art and will focus on the temporal emergence of insight.


Phyllis Laursen
Phyllis has been working as a clairvoyant-healer-symbolist for 25 years with a focus on ‘interspecies communication.’ Phyllis specializes in distinguishing between the natures of reality, what is one’s behavior nature and emotions. Phyllis will be assisted by Karen Young, a Hatha Yoga instructor and massage therapist who will be demonstrating yoga postures during the talk.
–Phyllis will speak on time, energy and posture.


Jerry Toporovsky
Jerry is Director of the Baltimore Holistic Health Center.