Unus Mundus Playshop

(Illustration, Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Maier, 1618)

“There is a time where change is possible, even necessary, to open the door into the future.”

This is a timely ‘course.’ It has taken the two presenters thirty years to realize that there can be a meeting of two different disciplines, two very different approaches to understanding. We live in one world = Unus Mundus. Now we see the birth of a larger circle of understanding that can involve all of us.

The participants are fortunate to partake in the result of thirty years, in one weekend, encompassing the two approaches. Practically speaking: there will be work with tissue paper collage, body movement, morning meditation, contemplation, dialogue and stories. We will look at what has been done, which often contains messages from a deeper level.

What is it that you the participant contributes, what can you bring? You may want to spend some time looking at what is certain for you and what is most uncertain and unknown. Not just what you are sure of, but even more so, the uncertain areas… your questions. Bring an open eye, receptive spirit, and a life history written as if it were a myth or fairy tale. Realize that you find yourself in a ‘no blame’ place. This is one continuous event. No previous knowledge or artistic skill is necessary.

After all these statements, remember: We are going to play!!

Dr. Edith Wallace was born and educated in Europe. She received her MD and PhD before receiving her Analytic training with Dr. and Mrs. Jung. She also studied with the spiritual teachers J.G.Bennett and Shaikh Bawa Muhaiyuddeen. She is a practicing Jungian analyst, published author and prize-winning painter. Among her honors is the “Creative Edge Award” from the American Art Therapy Association. Edith conducts workshops internationally, communicating her unique insight and approach to psychology, spirituality and the creative life.

Anthony Blake (b. 1939) has his background in physics and education, but he forays into science fiction, music, management and mythology. He is the author of A Seminar on Time, Intelligence Now, and Structures of Meaning as well as The Intelligent Enneagram. Anthony is well-versed in techniques of personal transformation and is a passionate proponent of the ‘dialogue process’ as advocated by the late David Bohm, with whom he studied physics as a student. He has been writing a series of articles for the ‘Enneagram Monthly,’ and leading workshops on: Understanding, Movement, Dialogue, Time, Music, Higher Intelligence, and Self Development.