The Synergic Epoch: Survival and Spirituality in the 21st Century

Thus he, the imperishable one, 
alternately waking and slumbering, 
incessantly revivifies and destroys 
the whole of creation


The Synergic Epoch: 
Survival and Spirituality 
in the 21st Century

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A DuVersity 
Seminar Dialogue 
October 11-14, 2002 
Claymont Court,
West Virginia

Only through time, time is conquered
T.S Eliot Four Quarters


John Bennett, one of the foremost philosophers of the twentieth century integrating eastern and western intelligence, spoke about the initiation of a synergic epoch (an epoch lasts about 2600 years) in the mid nineteenth century, with the master idea of co-operation. The ancient Mayans and modern Hopis have prophesized a critical turning point for us all in the year 2012, when we would experience a ‘singularity’ – a moment when time itself would change. But, if there are great cycles in human history – of hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of years – and critical junctures in human affairs – what is our own personal role in them?

The collective or ‘planetary’ mind but also the meaning of the human body may change in cycles of time. In this seminar-dialogue, we bring experiential, personal and group inquiry into a survey of ancient and modern views on the changing nature of human beings and visions of the ‘hidden machinery’ or ‘guiding intelligence” driving history. Globalization might have been active for millennia and what we see today is just the surfacing of an ancient program, as all regions of the Earth become connected outwardly as well as inwardly.


The DuVersity brings into play a variety of methods that help in inspiration, self-discovery and group process to make participation real and presentations assimilable.
Experienting is a guided process of focused attention grounded in the matrix of the body and moving through various kinds of awareness.
Tissue Paper Collage is an aid to active imagination and can elicit individual and group intimations of change.
Movements are a set of precisely articulated and sometimes intricate set of dances, in which the learning is as important as the execution. Median Group dialogue is free-flow conversation without leader or agenda having an ideal core of ‘koinonia’ or impersonal fellowship.
ILM is a way of navigating through meaning, based on listening to music as an evocation of internal process. Special music by Gurdjieff and Robert Fripp (music to be released publically in 2003).
Ceremony is a way of combining many of these methods suitable for a group prepared to listen to each other, an invocation of the sacred.


3.00 pm: Registration
7.30 pm: Introduction to the seminar program with opening ritual
8.00 pm: Anthony Blake: The Synergic Epoch – relativistic time in history
9.00 pm: Karen Stefano: Introduction to the collage method of Edith Wallace

7.30 am: Experienting Inner movements
9.30 am: Francis Huxley: Psycho-anatomy
10.30 am: ‘Movements’ with Anthony Blake
11.30 am: Collage work
2.30 pm: Dr. William Sullivan: Synchronicity and History
4.00 pm: Median Group dialogue
8.00 pm Ceremony with Priestess Miriam: Journeying through the genealogical cycles of time

7.30 am Experienting: The dreambody
9.30 am Dr. Edith Wallace: The Time to Come
10.30 am: Movements
11.30 am: Collage work
2.30 pm ILM: Music of Robert Fripp and Gurdjieff
3.00 pm: Speakers discussion
4.00 pm Median Group dialogue
8.00 pm Priestess Miriam: Ceremony: Hold well the ram’s horn

7.30 am Experienting: The inner limits
9.30 am Viewing collages
11.00 am Median Group dialogue
12.30 pm ILM: Music of Robert Fripp and Gurdjieff
2.00 onwards: Departure


Anthony Blake, founder and director of studies of DuVersity. Anthony started his studies with physics, during which he met David Bohm and went on to study Gurdjieff methods with John Bennett. He has authored several books on the Enneagram, meaning of time, globalization and systematics.

Dr. Edith Wallace, a Jungian Analyst is creator of the tissue paper collage method. Nearing her own death, she will speak of what she sees for the time coming upon us

Priestess Miriam has had a sense of the mysterious forces around her since childhood. Though born and raised in Mississippi she studied in Chicago, Illinois and was ordained a bishop in the ministry of the ‘Angel All Nations Spiritual Church’ in Chicago.

Karen Stefano is a practicing psychotherapist and artist. She has worked with Jungian Analyst Dr. Edith Wallace on the tissue paper collage method and with Dr. Patrick de Mare in Median Group process. She is the co-founder of DuVersity.

Dr. William Sullivan is a historian, author, and archaeoastronomer who has pioneered work on the astronomical knowledge systems of ancient south America.

Francis Huxley, zoologist, social anthropologist, and psychotherapist, has authored several books on the ethno-psychiatry of shamanism. His experiences include field work in Brazil and Haiti, as well as working a dozen years with the noted Dr. R.D. Laing.


$495- Fee includes costs for shared room and board
$125- Private room supplemental cost
For more detailed information, contact Karen Stefano either at [email protected] or by phone 301-230-4960.
The DuVersity is a non-profit organization devoted to the investigation, study, and development of new ways that foster and encourage understanding and communication. It researches and develops methods that enable creative diversity to flourish across boundaries of belief systems and disciplines.
LOCATION: This seminar will be held in the historic Claymont Mansion, at Claymont Court in Charles Town, WV. This colonial estate covers 350 acres of forest and farmland, in the scenic Shenandoah Valley, 65 miles from Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland.
DATE: Please arrive on Friday October 11 at 3pm for registration and dinner at 5pm. The event will end on Monday October 14 after lunch, around 2pm.
Front panel graphic: Egg of Brahma